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19.04.2017Avvenire European rules to protectionism times
18.10.2017Lettera 43European Union customs law: how to survive protectionism
21.01.2019Affari ItalianiHard Brexit: worst-case scenario with new fees and long lead times
28.03.2017Affari ItalianiUse the duties of Trump can crush Europe
08.09.2017Economy MagProtectionism? Trump and Brexit effects are not causes
06.09.2017FormicheWhy Brexit and Trump are the effects and not the cause of the new protectionism
09.05.2017Il World Customs Law Meeting: to understand more about protectionism and multilateralism
23.01.2017La Gazzetta MarittimaMany innovations in customs matters: from Brexit EU-Japan agreement
11.04.2017Corriere della Sera Sara Armella converses with Claudio Magris
18.03.2019Air Cargo ItalyBrexit and trade: what changes
16.03.2019Lettera 43The effects of a -No Deal Brexit- on trade with Italy
23.01.2019Tele Nord Brexit and transportation. Confetra takes stock of Customs and legislative changes
21.04.2017Top LegalHow to navigate the waters of protectionism
01.06.2018Global Trade and Customs Journal Book Review - Eu Customs Code - Sara Armella

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